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12/06/2017 · When does the Tahajjud prayer time start and end these days? Will it start after 12:30 am or later and end on 4:10am? Because Fajr azaan time starts on 4:25am. Tahajjud prayer is an optional/supererogatory prayer performed during the night after waking up from sleep, because the meaning of tahajjud. The time for Tahajjud remains until al-Subh al-Sādiq break of dawn. This is when the time for Fajr sets in and not necessarily the time when Fajr Salāh is performed in the Masjid. The actual time for Tahajjud Salāh is after one wakes up from his/her sleep and the most virtuous time. Tahajjud Arabic: تهجد ‎, also known as the "night prayer", is a voluntary prayer performed by followers of Islam. It is not one of the five obligatory prayers required of all Muslims, although the Islamic prophet, Muhammad was recorded as performing the tahajjud prayer regularly himself and. Rawalpindi Nawafil Timings - Find updated nawafil timing of Tahajjud, Ishraq, Chast and Awwabin. Get daily updated nawafil Prayer timing in Rawalpindi, Pakistan at. Get the details of today's 26 Rabiul Akhir 1441 Rawalpindi Nawafil Awqat, Qibla direction and Prayer Time. The time for performing the night vigil tahajjud prayer ends when Isha time ends and Fajr time enters. Therefore, any voluntary prayers performed after Fajr time has entered does not count for the night vigil prayers. Imam Saffarini, the Hanbali faqih and sufi, explained in his Sharh Mandhumat al-Adaab.

07/06/2012 · However, he is also known to have allowed people to say their witr at the end of Isha. Since witr is primarily a part of Tahajjud, it is not obligatory. Therefore, if someone is likely to get up for Tahajjud, he/she should say witr at the end of Tahajjud. If one gets up late, witr can still be said, although it wouldn't be the ideal time of.</plaintext> 26/05/2008 · Up to what time is Tahajjud time? I know that we should go to sleep, and wake up in the last 3rd of the night night is calculated from when Maghrib time comes in, until Fajr time comes in, but what is the latest we can pray Tahajjud? Does it have to be before Fajr time. Tahajjud prayer is implemented in the final third of a night after waking up from one`s sleep. It cannot be offered straight away after Isha, but only following one`s sleep, neither when the time is near to Fajr. Conditions And Format Of This Namaz. For the matter of carrying out the Salah of Tahajjud, one should.</p> <p>Allah's Apostle offered the 'Isha' prayer and then got up at the Tahajjud time and offered eight Rakat and then offered two Rakat while sitting. He then offered two Rakat in between the Adhan and Iqama of the Fajr prayer and he never missed them. Are you allowed to wake up only 20 minutes before Fajr to pray Tahajjud?. hence they state that both start and end at the same time. From this arises two opinions,. Also, one last side point just to clarify, although you probably meant this in your response - the time for Tahajjud ends when the time for Fajr begins. Not the prayer itself. Allah's Messenger ﷺ offered the `Isha' prayer and then got up at the Tahajjud time and offered eight rak`at and then offered two rak`at while sitting. 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